Online store and warehouse cooperation


The way products are distributed and sold in Poland and around the world has been moving to the Internet at a rapid pace in recent years. According to projections by Ecommerce Europe, at the end of 2013, e-commerce’s share of European GDP was 2.2%, while this figure is expected to triple before 2020.

Stationary stores, in order to meet customer expectations, are increasingly deciding to go online and distribute products by mail order straight from the warehouse. Internet sales are also an opportunity to reach a wider audience if you operate in a small town.

Traditional trade vs. online sales

However, it is worth noting that there are important differences between traditional trade and online sales. In order to maintain order continuity and not lose the trust of customers, it is necessary to ensure the availability of goods in stock. Online stores report about three times the demand for logistics space, driven primarily by the variety of product offerings in the store. However, despite a proper logistics and sales strategy, it is sometimes difficult to predict the market situation and consumer behavior.

The backlog of goods in the warehouse in the current market situation is not a good investment, and further hinders the company’s growth. Surplus products and post-season products, are becoming a nuisance for retailers, for whom every free storage space is valuable. The country’s economic situation and trends in the warehouse market are strongly linked. According to forecasts, GDP levels are expected to translate into increased demand for warehouse space. As a result, companies are looking for ways to quickly dispose of backlogged goods in order to save high costs. This, of course, drives the stock trading industry.

It is worthwhile to get rid of backlogged stock by using the services of companies that buy such goods. After the purchase, companies further distribute the products, selling the goods at a price attractive to the customer, while we empty our warehouses, making room for new products that attract the customer.


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