Are you promoting an online store? This is the way you didn’t know!


There is no doubt that a large part of the sales market has moved online. Virtually every company engaged in commercial activities has an online store. In an era of so much competition, the question then arises as to how to effectively promote your online store?

How about a sales promotion?

Nothing is more effective in attracting customers than sales of various kinds. Information about discounted goods can prompt many people to at least take a look at the promotional products on offer. But how do you organize such a promotional campaign so that it is marketing effective and financially attractive? A great solution may be to use stock buybacks.

Storage stock – what are they?

Warehouse stock is the unsold ends of last season’s collections or surplus merchandise sitting in warehouses. They are also often products from returns or from companies that have declared bankruptcy. As a rule, their formation is an economically disadvantageous phenomenon for companies and they seek to get rid of them quickly. However, this is where the opportunity arises for online stores wishing to organize sales promotions.

As you can easily guess, the stock stands sold out at low, attractive prices. Thus, the stores that buy them back, even after adding their own margin, are able to sell them for the benefit of customers. The whole process is characterized by mutual benefit – the warehouses get rid of surplus and free up space for new products, the online store promotes itself through a sale promotion, and the customer himself is able to buy the product at an attractive low price. Given the variety of merchandise, every store will find something suitable for the promotional campaign of a particular business.

In conclusion, outlet promotions based on stock buybacks are an interesting marketing opportunity, especially for smaller stores. Organizing them regularly can greatly help promote the store, as well as help build a lasting relationship with customers.


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