How to deal with the situation when the customer did not pick up the order?


A surplus of goods in stock is one of those situations that manufacturing and distribution companies should avoid. This is not always possible. How can the problem be dealt with? The simplest solution is to sell the entire stockpile of goods to a buyback – this frees up frozen funds and frees up storage space. However, not all products can be disposed of through this route. We explain what goods will not find a place in the purchase.

Perishable foods

We are happy to see food items in our stockpile purchase. However, there are some restrictions – we do not accept products that have a very short shelf life, are on the verge of expiration or require special conditions for storage, such as low temperature. This means that we do not accept items such as dairy products, packaged meats, frozen vegetables.

Instead, we are happy to buy all kinds of dry and sealed products, such as coffee and candy. This is because they have a very long shelf life and are not subject to spoilage in storage.

Products that are broken, damaged, with significant manufacturing defects

We are committed to offering products that are inexpensive on the one hand and meet certain quality standards on the other. For this reason, we do not buy slopes consisting of products that do not meet these standards – for example, those with serious manufacturing defects or damaged during transport.

We also do not accept products that do not comply with current standards. Why is this important? One of the reasons is our concern for the brand of the companies using our services – we market the redeemed slopes further to other markets. If they consist of goods that deviate in quality from competing products, this will negatively affect the manufacturer’s brand.

Among the goods that are less susceptible to damage and defects are clothing and other textiles – which is why they are one of the core of our offer.

Products requiring permits

Permits from relevant state institutions are needed for the marketing of certain products. This includes pharmaceuticals or alcoholic beverages. We do not buy such goods either, as we are unable to put them back on the market. Pharmaceutical products that are nearing the end of their useful life should be disposed of under appropriate conditions.

Do you have surplus inventory that you want to dispose of at favorable terms? Contact us and we will propose a suitable solution.


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