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Trade is one of the oldest forms of doing business. In most cases, as individual customers, we are dealing with retail. However, before the goods reach stationary stores, they usually go through a wholesale stage. It is Maxx10 Group, among others, that supplies complete stock to entrepreneurs, wholesalers and retailers.

Maxx10 Group is both an online wholesaler and a showroom for a wide range of products. On our site you can learn about the entire range of goods we offer, but also see their photos and learn about wholesale prices.

We sell in Europe, Asia, Africa

The vast majority of our supplies are located in stationary warehouses near Warsaw, so cooperation with our wholesaler is:

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What else do we do?

Importing goods from all over Europe

We import goods and complete product stock from all over Europe. We are a professional wholesale importer with years of experience.

Buying stock

We buy and sell finished stock. All the products in our offer are in our warehouses in Poland. We look forward to working with you!


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