Release frozen funds with the sale of post-season goods!


The season is coming to an end, and there is still a lot of stock on the shelves that needs to be sold? This is a situation that is quite common in various industries, including apparel or in the trade of products closely related to a certain season – such as holiday accessories. Fortunately, you can easily solve the problem and release the middle frozen in unnecessary goods. How to do it?

How does the purchase of stock slopes work?

We are a company that has specialized for several years in repurchasing warehouse stock, i.e. surplus products backlogged in warehouses. How does it work? All you have to do is approach us with a proposal to sell goods that you are unable to sell after the season. After the quote and signing of the contract, we immediately take your products to our own warehouses, from where we sell them at a low price. No worries – we make every effort to ensure that the products we have acquired do not compete with your business.

Post-season storage costs of goods

A warehouse full of post-seasonal goods is quite a hassle to solve as soon as possible. Why? Since it represents frozen capital, that is, capital of which there is no use – these funds can be used neither for the production of new products nor for the development of the enterprise. In addition, unsold products generate costs – after all, any warehouse requires maintenance, power, heating, etc. If the commodity after the season can’t be sold, it means that its storage brings quite serious losses. Keeping it in storage until the next season in hopes of selling it then can lead to a situation where the costs incurred far exceed the profits.

Why use our services?

Selling post-season goods to our buyback is profitable for three reasons:

  • you free up frozen costs – you recover at least part of the money you put into producing goods, and can use it to produce new ones that have a better chance of selling,
  • You get rid of storage costs – by not having goods that require storage, you do not incur any costs. This is especially important if you do not own your own storage space, but rent it,
  • you gain storage space – which is essential to ensure the smooth distribution of products. If the warehouse is filled with completely unnecessary post-season goods, new products cannot be stored. In such a situation, it is necessary to slow down production or even stop it altogether until the warehouse is released.

In summary – in a situation where promotional campaigns have failed and outlet sales are too costly, selling owned post-season goods is the best possible solution.

Want to know more about our business? Do you have goods you want to sell and free up storage? Contact us and we will help you solve this problem!


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