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When running a store, you always have to face the situation that you will not be able to sell all the goods. End-of-series, post-season products, surplus production are beginning to back up in warehouses. They take up space, and their storage generates costs. This situation is very uncomfortable for the company. Some of the company’s assets are thus frozen, which hinders its growth. However, there is a solution to this problem. Unwanted goods, or so-called inventory stock, can be sold, recouping funds and enabling the adoption of new goods or increased production of those in greater demand.

Maxx10 Group is engaged in the purchase of complete stock or surplus and end-of-series inventory.

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What kind of surplus inventory do we buy?

We are able to receive goods in large quantities and then introduce them to foreign markets while respecting all kinds of trade restrictions. This ensures that the stock we have concentrated is not in competition with our customers’ products.

Do you have excess inventory that you want to get rid of in a short period of time and free up your resources? Contact us today and we will offer a favorable solution to your problem.

Buying back stock - buying back surplus inventory

We are engaged in professional purchase of stock inventory. The most common goods repurchased in this way are clothing, accessories, toys, but also office supplies or electronics, and even food. If you decide to sell your surplus, you get rid of a lot of problems. First of all, you reclaim storage space this way. The sale of stock inventory will allow the resumption of previously stalled production of products that are in greater demand. Selling backlogged goods can allow a company to recover the costs of producing and storing them. If you are interested in purchasing a complete stock inventory, we invite you to visit our online wholesale store or stationary warehouses around Warsaw, which offer a wide selection of imported goods from many European countries.

Stock sales

We also sell complete stock at a significantly reduced price, especially for wholesale quantities. This allows you to launch your own store and stock it seamlessly. In this area, we have developed efficient distribution mechanisms. The most popular way to use the stockpiles purchased from us is to launch an online store or run auctions on auction portals. Increasingly, products at greatly reduced prices can also be found in local groups on social networks or stationary stores. Our goods are great for promotions, themed campaigns. So if you are thinking of reselling your stock - contact us.

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What else do we do?


We operate a general merchandise wholesaler and an online wholesaler. If you are looking for complete stock of goods at the best prices – contact us.

Importing goods from all over Europe

We import goods and complete product stock from all over Europe. We are a professional wholesale importer with years of experience.


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