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Importing goods from all over Europe

European countries are different cultures and regional products. Not surprisingly, the variety of goods, their high quality and efficient cooperation. However, if you are importing items from countries outside the Schengen Area (EU), you need to be careful about a number of legal aspects. Therefore, don’t waste your time going through the procedures and use the services of a professional online wholesaler!

Reliable suppliers

In importing goods from the EU, checking the reliability of the supplier is a matter that many people take for granted. Because of the prices offered by foreign traders, it is easy to make the wrong choice, which translates into shipping problems, inaccuracies in quantity and, of course, quality. At Maxx10 Group, we work with long-standing, proven partners, or if we decide to work with new ones - we vet them.

Delivery times for goods from Germany, Italy or France

This is a very important issue when ordering goods from other EU countries. Goods can often be ready to be shipped, but there are times when they are produced only after an order is placed. When working with Maxx10 Group, stock is stored in our warehouses - so delivery is basically instantaneous and the problem of waiting several weeks doesn't concern you!

High quality of imported goods

We try to select the assortment so that the goods we import meet all safety standards and have the necessary certificates and approvals required by the EU. Depending on the type and destination, the quality of our assortment depends on the product group in question and is verified each time the order is received.

Invoice, VAT and customs duties

We take care that the wholesaler's offer presented on the site is up-to-date and tailored to the needs of customers. In order to fulfill the demand, it is necessary to make an inquiry about the availability of goods or to order them directly by e-mail. In response, you can receive an order confirmation or, on request, an invoice or pro-forma invoice - payments are accepted on their basis. On our site we present the range of products available in wholesale warehouses. It does not, however, allow direct payments. If you are interested in the products available on the site, please feel free to contact us. All the goods we import from various European countries have VAT and customs duties regulated.

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We operate a general merchandise wholesaler and an online wholesaler. If you are looking for complete stock of goods at the best prices – contact us.

Buying stock

We buy and sell finished stock. All the products in our offer are in our warehouses in Poland. We look forward to working with you!


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