Liquidation of the company – what to do with the remaining goods?


Business closure is a scenario that entrepreneurs would rather avoid. Unfortunately, this is not always possible, and the reasons for closure can range from unfavorable conditions to simple lack of luck. Regardless, if there are goods left over from the company, they should be disposed of as soon as possible so as not to generate completely unnecessary costs. How to do it?

Sale of a storage yard

This is ideal for any company that needs to reduce inventory as quickly as possible. This service is very simple – just contact us and we will come to the warehouse and evaluate the stock you have (that is, surplus goods in bulk) and present the terms of the contract. Once it is approved, we will take care of transporting the goods to our own warehouses ourselves. What can be gained by doing so? First of all:

  • cost reduction – storing goods that cannot be disposed of in an ordinary sale generates a whole lot of costs, such as energy, employees, maintenance of the facility and its equipment. If your company rents a warehouse, get rid of the slope,
  • production cost recovery – by selling the slope you can recover part of the value of the goods, from which you can cover the most urgent expenses, such as paying off loan installments or other debts,
  • time – after purchasing the slope, we take care of its transportation and storage ourselves, the customer does not have to keep any additional duties.

What then happens to the slope?

The goods thus bought will go to our warehouses, from where they can be purchased at a low price by other buyers, such as companies engaged in trade or seeking supplies for their own use. We make every effort to ensure that goods from the slopes do not enter the home market of the customer from whom they were purchased – in this way we do not create unfair competition. We buy and sell slopes not only in Poland, but also in many other countries in Europe, Asia and Africa.

What kind of goods do we buy?

As an experienced purchase of slopes, we are able to focus and safely store products of almost any type, including but not limited to:

  • Food – provided that it does not require special storage conditions and has a long shelf life (e.g., coffee, certain types of sweets)
  • school and office supplies
  • clothing, footwear, accessories haberdashery
  • electronics
  • toys,
  • home furnishing items – such as kitchen accessories
  • cosmetics and chemical products,
  • decorative articles of various kinds

If you have products of this type in your warehouses that you want to get rid of quickly, feel free to contact us!

Other ways

An alternative solution to the problem of goods lingering on warehouse shelves is to sell them as part of a promotion or outlet before the business closes. Is it worth it to opt for them? While lowering prices increases interest in a product and allows you to find buyers for it (even if it is of low quality or has certain defects, such as coming from a display), it is nevertheless very time-consuming to sell off the entire assortment in this way. And the longer the goods stay in the warehouse, waiting for a buyer, the more costs they generate. An additional disadvantage of organizing a promotion is that employees must be hired to handle it and cannot perform other tasks at the time. Therefore, before organizing a promotion or outlet, carefully calculate whether it will bring more losses than profits.


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