Importing goods from Asia – what to watch out for?


Recently, importing products from Asia has become not only a way to make considerable savings, but even a kind of fashion. AliExpress reigns supreme, although it is not the only portal that allows you to buy Chinese goods, among other things. This has also prompted many entrepreneurs to start trading in cheaper Asian products.

However, it is worth remembering that such transactions also involve risks. What to pay special attention to?

Overt and illegal counterfeiting

This is, of course, a problem not only for Chinese products, but also for Polish, Russian or American ones. Counterfeiters are mainly shoes and clothes, and these are the ones we are very keen to order from Asian sites. Keep in mind, however, that the detection of an obvious counterfeit involves the detention of goods by Customs. So let’s check carefully what we buy, for example, by looking for reviews of the seller or carefully reading product descriptions. It is also worth finding out whether other Polish entrepreneurs have used the services of the contractor in question. Online forums and social media will be especially helpful.

Import fees and more

All products we order must be dutiable (the rate charged depending on the goods), and VAT (23%) is also added to the price. Keep this in mind when ordering bulk quantities. We must also provide the relevant documents to the customs agency. They are:

  • Invoice
  • Certificate of origin
  • Loading letter
  • CE certificate (electronic and electrical products)
  • Certificate of origin (for some products)
  • The basis for accounting will be the PZC or SAD documents issued at customs clearance.

Waiting time

Let’s remember that our purchases have to come all the way from Asia. Waiting time for delivery is up to two months. We must take into account not only the long journey of the parcel, but also checking with Customs. We should also get an idea of whether the goods will be shipped right away, or whether they are only in the production stage. It is a good idea to communicate with the contractor in advance and ask about the expected time of shipping and delivery of the goods we have purchased.


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