What does product PR consist of?


A reliable, attractive and consistent brand or product image is the cornerstone of any successful marketing strategy today. First you need to attract the attention of the customer, then effectively develop it, and finally, without the risk of losing the buyer’s interest, this attention must be maintained and confirmed, gaining the loyalty of the gesture of subsequent purchases. A product’s commercial image, or product PR, therefore requires clear, distinctive and effective communication with the customer so that he or she not only decides to make the first purchase, but wants to make that product choice again.

The role of the product showroom

For stores such as wholesale, an important trend is the so-called product showroom. It relies on the customer’s ability to test or view the product in a stationary location and then, only after this decision-making stage, make a purchase. Here the customer has the opportunity to take advantage of a variety of product showrooms wholesale, looking at the products they offer stationary, in special showrooms or display rooms, and then thoughtfully buy the same product online. Indeed, a product showroom strategy, including for wholesalers, is marketing inevitable today. Stationary presentation of products, and only then online, will also be the dominant path to purchase, both retail and wholesale, in the near future.

Showrooming – the future of online wholesalers

Modern buying is a combination of visiting an exhibition, which customers view stationary, and using an online store, where the final purchase of selected products is made. Such product PR meets the needs of a reflective modern age of critical consumers. Any wholesaler with a wider-than-local reach, and that’s the only one that pays these days, is already organizing special exhibition spaces and launching corresponding online shopping showrooms at the same time. The sum of the initial viewing of a product in real life and its final purchase online has been called the reverse ROPO (Research Online Purchase Offline) effect by trade specialists, and the practice of buying in this way is instead referred to as showrooming, from the English word showroom, meaning showroom. Modern product PR must therefore incorporate these kinds of strategies in order for a product to be bought at all. Wholesaler product showroom is now a common business practice, which is already a standard practice – a step towards a company’s marketing future.


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