Sell your surplus inventory before the end of the year!


If there are goods in your warehouses whose display time has passed, don’t block the new offer with them. Sell your surplus before the end of the year and free up space for new offerings. Selling stock in bulk is possible today for cash, so the problem of non-rotating, backlogged goods is not currently a burden for wholesalers and distributors. Out-of-stock products, excess inventory, leftover collections, or non-first-class goods in the process of liquidating an offer can now be removed in the stock sale system. Stock trading companies usually pay their sellers in advance, which makes it easy to recover frozen money and avoid post-season losses.

Warehouse stock trading – a convenient solution for wholesalers

The sale of stock inventory is currently taking place on very good terms for sellers. Most often, you can count on the buyer’s own transportation to pick up the goods, which minimizes the cost of the entire operation for the seller emptying warehouses or store spaces of goods. In stock trading, backlogged products of very different categories are traded: cosmetics, chemicals, clothing, footwear, stationery, school and office supplies, books, household goods and others. In the stock trade, buyers find products that have gone out of fashion, failed to sell in season, or for various reasons failed to gain customers within a certain period of time.

Trading in warehouse stocks allows you to recover the funds invested in such goods. We can now count not only on receiving stock products from wholesalers and warehouses in Poland, but also from outside the country. Selling stock inventory saves their original owners, which are usually importers or wholesalers, the stress of running out of time selling products and the financial losses resulting from missed sales. The stock inventory is then used by stores like 101 trinkets, especially those operating as online stores, and many other small businesses.

The sale of stock inventory provides an opportunity to free up storage space for the companies selling them and relatively cheap products to their new buyers, who are usually small and start-up entrepreneurs. Trading in stock products is an ideal solution for companies for which the liquidity of the offer, rotation of the assortment and access to the funds previously invested in the goods are important issues.


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